Friday, February 6, 2009

Check points during maintenance

Following points need to check while carrying out the maintenance activity of 3WL & 3WT air circuit breaker. This check points are applicable to the ACB of other make also. For better life of your breaker make the annual maintenance contract with us for detail contact

• Closing coil operation

• Shunt release operation

• U/V release operation

• Earth fault release operation

• O/L & S/C release operation

• Cradle mechanism checking

• Cradle plug contact

• Test/service limit switch operation

• Breaker operating mechanism

• Checking of main Fixed & moving contacts

• Auxiliary switch operation

• Switching lock mechanism

• Lamination block checking

• Arc chamber

• Spring charging motor

• Spring charging operation

• Gear box operation

• Insulation test (if required)

• Earth terminal

• Door interlock

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